DisPAIR - London

Born in September 2011, and with inspiration originating from the laid back streets of Spitalfields, DisPAIR London fully endorses individualism, and is ideal for those who don't feel the desire to conform, who are comfortable to lead their own way in fashion. Like the iconic DisPAIR “wings of freedom” logo the brand is humorous, quirky and fun which is reflected in our product range.

Mixing innovative new ideas with classic footwear styles, our debut collection gives ordinary footwear design a unique DisPAIR London twist, creating a look you won't see elsewhere.

From casual to smart, DisPAIR London caters to all, and each style is finished with a contrasting outsole, giving the designs our distinctive signature. Just as the dictionary definition of our name suggests, we believe a man should never be parted from his shoes.

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DisPAIR London - “Never to be parted”